Legal and Testimonial Information
AKA the fine print

We strive to provide you with an accurate representation of our services and outcomes.  We desire an open and honest relationship with you.  Our goal is a simple one - help you to the best of our ability, care for you like you are family, present ourselves honestly and with transparency.  Its best for you and its best for us.

1.  Our testimonials are from our patients and they represent actual results.

2.  Individual results will vary based on a number of variables.  Your results may be better or worse than what is presented in the written and video testimonials.  The results presented are common, but are not intended to represent or guarantee that you or anyone else will achieve the same or similar results.  You may not respond to treatment at all.

3.  Nothing contained within our website should be taken to imply or guarantee you will have a successful outcome.  Success is a relative concept.  What may be considered a successful outcome to one person may not be considered successful to another.  We invite you to talk with us and we can better explain our expectations based on your unique situation.

4.  Free thermography services for pain related complaints is dependent upon need.  Not all pain related complaints will receive a thermogram.  Free thermography does not include full body, full upper or full lower body, nor does it include breast thermography.  Bottom line - when / if thermography is utilized, it is up to the discretion of the acupuncturist.

5.  Breast thermography is not a standalone imaging test.  Breast thermography should be part of a complete breast assessment program.  Thermography is not intended to replace clinical breast exams, mammography, breast MRI, etc.

6.  Thermography for pain assessment does not replace structural imaging such as x-rays and MRI.  Thermography is a different form of assessment with a different purpose than structural imaging.  Thermography does not "see" into body cavities such as the abdomen, chest and head.

7.  Premier Acupuncture provides the following services- Acupuncture, herbal medicine, medical thermography, cold laser, and electrotherapy by a state licensed, board certified acupuncturist.  Other services may be offered such as massage, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and more.  Where a professional license is required, all personnel offering these services will be licensed professionals.  We are not medical doctors and you should not exclude conventional medical approaches provided by a physician while being treated at Premier Acupuncture.

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