Proven, Effective, Natural Treatment For Low Back Pain

Have You Tried Surgery, Injections, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Medications?  Are You Still Suffering?

​      Over 80 Percent Of Our Patients Respond Well To Treatment

      Reduce Or Eliminate Your Pain Medications

      Enjoy Activities You Have Avoided Due To Pain

      We Have Been Treating Low Back Pain Of All Types For 26 Years

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A Few Words From Our Patients 

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"My lumbar spine was injured in an ejection seat training incident... My lumbar spine is fused from L2   to S1 and held together with 10, 2" titanium screws fastened to two titanium rods parallel to my spine. After 6 treatments my pain level has been reduced 50%."  Samuel T.

"Premier Acupuncture is a very friendly, comfortable atmosphere. I suffer from migraines, back pain, neck pain, and feet pain. For years I have been looking for a solution. Not only have I come off of my major pain medications for my chronic issues I also have reduced amount of migraines and am looking forward to more progression within my next few acupuncture sessions. I highly recommend premier acupuncture." Stephanie C.
"After five years of chronic pain and chronic pain management, surgery, Physical Therapy, Massage, Chiropractic treatment and multiple other treatments... Acupuncture treatments  decreased my current pain level so dramatically! I am considering cancelling back fusion surgery because I can live with the amount of pain I currently have. "- Terry D.
"Thank you for the wonderful service and care you provided me.  As a 100% military Service Disabled Veteran I searched high and low for help with my bad back to no avail, well not until I found Premier Acupuncture.  Top notch pain management care with a professional staff second  to none." - Ray S.
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Your Body Has a Profound Ability to Self Heal

When functioning normally, your nervous, hormonal and circulatory systems, in part, regulate your healing process.  Chronic pain and illness are an indication these systems are not functioning properly.

​​Acupuncture, through its ability to normalize these biologic systems, is capable of stimulating the bodies natural healing abilities.  Simple, safe, natural - no other treatment can offer so much.

We Utilize Medical Thermography to Assess and to
Monitor Your Respone to Treatment
More Information On Thermography

         Better Assessment Leads To Better Treatment Outcome

         Visualize The Extent Of Your Pain & Injury

         Monitor Your Treatment Progress

         Thermography Services For Low Back Pain Provided To You At No Additional Cost



         Is acupuncture really effective; I have tried many treatments that have not worked or made my pain worse?

Yes!  We have a high success rate treating all types, causes and intensity of low back pain for over 26 years.  

​         How long before I start feeling better?

Utilizing Quick Relief Acupuncture, you will typically experience pain reduction within minutes.  Sometimes multiple treatments will be required prior to pain reduction.  If no improvement has occurred with 4-6 treatments, it is unlikely acupuncture will be effective for you.

         What is your approach to treating my back pain?

We begin by discussing the history of your pain / injury and prior treatments.  We then complete a physical exam of your complaint, which is typically followed by a medical thermogram.  Utilizing multiple targeted therapies, we treat the injured / painful area and help you regain the ability to engage in activities you love but may not have been able to enjoy because of your pain.  Classes in acupressure and the use of mindfulness based stress and pain reduction classes may also be utilized.

         What if I have more questions?

We would love to answer any questions you might have!  We offer a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your situation, to determine the probability that we can help and to give you the opportunity to meet with us.  We invite you to call us for your FREE CONSULTATION.​​​​

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