Are Migraines Robbing You of
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Natural Medicine For Migraines

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  • Hormonal Migraines

  • ​Stress Related Migraines
  • Daily Migraines

  • ​Chronic Tension Headaches
  • Cluster Headaches

  • Treatment Resistant Migraines
"I suffer from migraines--so severe sometimes I have to pack my head in ice, wear ear plugs because noises are amplified and I wear an eye mask because the light intensifies my migraine and causes nausea. I know all migraines are different but acupuncture works for me! Dr. Wedge has done a tremendous job in alleviating my migraines..."  D.A. Earnst​​

Our Approach


We begin with a thorough review of your history and medical records, and review any supplements, herbs and medications you are currently taking.  We discuss diet, stress, injuries, hormone imbalance and any other factors that might have a contributing role in your migraines.  We listen carefully to you in order to better understand the cause(s) of your migraines, thereby allowing for effective treatment.

​A physical exam and a medical thermogram of your head and neck will be completed.  To learn more about thermograms click here.
How Effective Are We At Treating Migraines?​​
We have been effectively treating migraines for over 26 years, with a success rate of greater than 85 percent.*  Our goal is not simply short term symptom resolution; we work with you to achieve long term relief from your migraines. 

Stress and Migraines

​Stress management classes will be available for general health improvement, but also to address any stress related component causing increased physical tension, pain and headaches in your life.  Classes are taught by Shelly Jacobs-Wedge, MA, LPA.  Shelly is a practicing psychotherapist and is extensively trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).  She is a past adjunct professor of psychology.​

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* Success rate means signifincant reduction in migraine frequency, pain intensity or complete  resolution of migraines.