Dear Feet (legs, hands, arms)...

We Were Such Good Friends

Neuropathy Making Your Life Miserable?

  • Missed time with family & friends?

  • ​​Wondering if the pain will ever stop?

  • Frustrated and out of options

  • No longer able to enjoy a walk in the beautiful outdoors?

  • Pain interfering with your daily activities?

Now We Just Don't Seem To Enjoy Each Other

Acupuncture Has Successfully Treated
Neuropathy For Thousands Of Years

Our Approach Is Safe & Natural

Our Treatments Are Simple

​​Effective Rate in Some Studies is Over 70%

A Few Words / Videos From Our Patients 

"I came here sort of as a last resort because I felt I’d tried pretty much everything else to get rid of  the pain. So far, Acupuncture has been the only thing that has helped me improve. I have tried  medication, Pullman Regional Hospital, WSU Health and Wellness, Physical Therapy and two different Chiropractors in Washington State."  - Mary P.
"Premier Acupuncture is a very friendly, comfortable atmosphere. I suffer from migraines, back pain, neck pain, and feet pain. For years I have been looking for a solution. Not only have I come off of my major pain medications for my chronic issues I also have reduced amount of migraines and am looking forward to more progression within my next few acupuncture sessions. I highly recommend premier acupuncture." Stephanie C.
"I have had chronic neck issues for over 20 years and have spent a lot of money at various chiropractic offices trying to alleviate the problem.  After the first acupuncture treatment the problems I was experiencing subsided considerably and have continued to improve dramatically. We have only recently begun to address the numbness in my hands, and that has already improved dramatically. I highly recommend acupuncture and Dr. Wedge!" - Carol 
"Thank you for the wonderful service and care you provided me.  As a 100% military Service Disabled Veteran I searched high and low for help with my bad back to no avail, well not until I found Premier Acupuncture.  Top notch pain management care with a professional staff second  to none." - Ray S.
We Utilize Medical Thermography to Assess 
and Monitor Your Response to Treatment

         Better Assessment Leads To Better Treatment Outcome

         Monitor Your Treatment Progress

         Thermography Services Neuropathy Provided To You At No Additional Cost



         How effective is acupuncture for Diabetic Neuropathy?

At least one study shows significant benefit in 70 percent of people treated.  Your response depends on the extend of damage that exists at the time treatment and other variables.*

​         How long before I start feeling better?

Some begin to feel better within a few treatments, but generally improvement should become apparent within 10 treatments.  If there is no improvement, it is unlikely acupuncture will be beneficial to you.

         What if I have more questions?

We would love to answer any questions you might have!  We offer a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your situation, to determine the probability that we can help and to give you the opportunity to meet with us.  We invite you to call us for your FREE CONSULTATION
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