• Nutrition is foundational to good health

  • Poor nutrition results in illness, poor healing and fatigue

  • Proper nutrient supplementation can enhance your ability to heal and remain healthy

  • Herbal medicine can greatly enhance your ability to heal

  • Not all herbal products are safe

  • Understanding herb/drug interactions is vital to the proper and safe use of herbs

Our beliefs about nutritional supplements and medicinal herbs:

  • Not all supplements are created equal.  Be careful what you purchase.  Our supplier offers many different manufacturers products, and each manufacturer has the opportunity to have their product's quality independently verified.  This allows us to provide you with a quality product.  Our experience allows us to provide you with treatments that we know have the potential to benefit your health and healing. 
  • Medicinal herbs should be screened for the presence of pesticides and other contaminants.
  • Medicinal herbs have therapeutic dosing ranges just like pharmaceuticals.  Many products on the market do not provide adequate dosing, in my opinion.  This is especially true of combination products.  Be careful what you purchase.
  • Herb - drug interactions can be beneficial or dangerous. 
  • Just because a manufacturer has a product they claim is good for some health problem does not mean there is any proof of efficacy.  Be careful how you spend your money.
  • Keep in mind testimonials about a product are meaningless.  There are too many variables involved that could be responsible for perceived benefit from an herb.  Of course this includes placebo.

Over the last 2-3 decades I have seen products hyped and then aggressively pushed on people until the product was no longer of interest due to lack of benefit, then it would fade into the background and another product would be hyped and the cycle would repeat itself.  Be careful what you embrace as beneficial.  I realize there is a lot of desperation to find something that will be helpful.  I have had patients spending over $600 per month on supplements that they don't need, that are likely of little to no value medicinally and because of the combinations and doses involved, taking multiple supplements and herbs, can actually be dangerous.  Be informed and be careful.
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